The Aureto vineyard produce a range of wines including appellations of the Ventoux, Luberon and the Vaucluse protected geographical indication, set in the very heart of the Luberon Region.


These wine cuvées have won some of the most prestigious awards in national and international competitions.

  • Aureto Winery

    working as a team...

    Within a few kilometers of the Ventoux mountain known as the 'giant of Provence' and at the very heart of the Luberon Region Natural Park, the Aureto wines are some of the most reputed of the local vineyards. Surrounded by lavender, cypress trees and Roman-tiled mas houses, the vines flourish in the ideal Mediterranean climate. Aureto offers a range of wines including protected appellations (AOP) of the Ventoux, Luberon and the Vaucluse protected geographical indication. These cuvées closely reflect the soul and authenticity of the world renowned Luberon area.

    Thanks to the work of the entire team, here at Aureto, our wines have obtained a number of awards in some of the most prestigious national competitions and appear in the best French and International wine guides. The range of wines is mainly red but there also some rosés and white.

    The different cuvées have a variety of tastes, according to the various methods of wine-making, ageing and varieties of grape used. The daily work on the vines has a vital impact on the quality of these wines. Among some of the great wines of the region, the cuvées from Aureto vineyard are today sold to individuals in our sales area and online shop, by wine merchants and restaurant owners all over France but also in more than ten other countries internationally.  


Since 2006...

Andreas RIHS & Werner et Carmen Wunderli

Aureto which means 'a light breeze' in the ancient Provençal dialect, was created with a view to breathing new life into the vineyard which had unimagined potential. As soon as the first harvests were underway the aim was clearly to benefit from the qualities of the "terroir" or local land.

In 2007, Aureto vinified its first harvest, and thus the new era began. The previous year the Domaine de la Coquillade had been purchased by three Provence enthusiasts, Andreas RIHS and Werner and Carmen Wunderli, who provided a new dynamic to the perfect Luberon setting. The vineyard was swiftly restructured : some areas were dug up and new vines with new varieties of grapes were planted, the soil was worked mechanically to avoid chemical treatment and new vine supports were installed. From the outset, the objective was that the vines should be capable of producing quality wines. A new cellar was built to facilitate a better quality work environment. The winds of the South of France continued to inspire us in the creation of our new cuvées which were christened accordingly : Autan, Tramontane, Maestrale and even Tempesta.

At the same time a luxury tourist complex for oenotourism was developed with a 5 star hotel, 3 restaurants and a spa nestled among the vines. The name "La Coquillade" was chosen for the hotel.

  • The Vineyards

    36 hectares of vines (88 acres)

    The Aureto vines are located on some of the most emblematic areas of the Luberon, near the villages of Gargas, Gordes, Oppède and Bonnieux. No less than fifteen varieties of grape ensure the quality and diversity of each vintage.

    The vineyard covers 36 hectares of land. 20 hectares are located around La Coquillade near Gargas. The other vines stand near the beautiful villages of Gordes, Oppède and Bonnieux. Aureto grows fifteen varieties of grape : the regional classics like Syrah and Grenache but also Caladoc, Marselan and Chenanson which are less well known. This diversity makes it possible to produce wines with character, perfectly adapted to the local environment, whether AOP Ventoux, AOP Luberon or IGP Vaucluse. The soil which is predominantly calcareous-clay adds a certain delicacy to the wine and the Mediterranean climate guarantees its natural richness. The delicate balance of these two elements makes the Aureto wines quite noble.


Cultivation Methods at Aureto

Environmental Responsibility

A team of young enthusiastic experts have free reign to develop the best of the Luberon and Ventoux vineyards.

Combining a certain sensitivity to the local environment with their technical skills, the Aureto team is above all composed of people who are passionate about wine. Since 2009 Aurélie Julien has been in charge of the wine-making from the vine to the bottle. Convinced that the quality of the wines depends on how the vines are tended, she has implicated sustainable methods, respecting the environment.

"We often visit the different parts of the vineyard with our technical advisor to monitor them closely. Any changes that we make are based on forecast models and are established according to the vines needs and the weather," she explains.

As a rule we opt for the least intrusive methods such as taking away the leaves from the grape clusters or "green harvesting" to reduce the development of the diseases which prefer damp and confinement. Since the very beginning of Aureto our philosophy has been to respect the environment. In fact since 2009 no insecticides have been used. We prefer to work the soil mechanically rather than using chemical herbicides. In order to improve the microbiology of the soil vegetable compost (green manure) is regularly added.

Once the best grapes have been harvested, the fruits are taken to the cellar where the winemakers work to harness the aromatic and gustative potential of the fruit.
The vinification is undertaken most carefully. The cellar is equipped with Ganimède vats, which use a natural fermentation method to stir the wine gently rather than using pumps. This process guarantees that the wines are more flexible and makes the extraction stage much easier. The wines for the most part aged in stainless steel vats to conserve the freshness of the fruit. Some of the wines are aged in oak barrels making them more complex in character.


The Aureto team makes it their daily work to carefully tend to all areas of the vineyard and to each cuvee. They found their work on a delicate combination of tradition and modernity to produce these harmonious wines.


Oenologist, Aurelié Julien heads up the technical team at Aureto and is from the nearby town of Apt. She holds a winemaking and oenology degree, a masters in the Science of the Vine and a oenology diploma from the University of Montpellier. Aurelie organizes all the work on the vines. Every day, her team of technicians take care of the various areas of the vineyard meticulously. In the cellar Aurelie is assisted by a wine merchant to vinify and age the different Aureto cuvées.  Finally external experts, a consultant oenologist and an agronomist, are also called upon to contribute their support and experience and accompany her choices.

The team combines its various complementary skills and to produce new generous wines with sincerity and authenticity.

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