Friday 7 July 2023 - Friday 21 July 2023 - Friday 18 August 2023

Cinema Picnic Aureto 2023

Outdoor cinema

Enjoy a lovely summer evening with family and friends in our garden. 

Relax in front of a comedy or film for all ages on an open-air screen. You can bring your own picnic or reserve an aperitif. 

Screening organised by the Association La Strada at around 9.30pm




Show on 7 July   SEXYGÉNAIRES 

Comedy by Robin Sykes with Thierry Lhermitte, Patrick Timsit, Marie Bunel... 1h20-FRANCE-2023

After sixty, two friends in financial difficulties are going to make the most of their image in the world of fashion and advertising. One is still beautiful, the other never was. But beyond the game of appearances, what does it really mean to be of retirement age today?


Show on 21 July   ELEMENTARY 

Animation by Peter Sohn... 1h42-USA-2023

In Element City, fire, water, earth and air live in perfect harmony. This is the home of Flam, an intrepid, quick-witted young woman with a strong character, and Flack, a sentimental, fun-loving boy who's more of a follower at heart. Their friendship challenges Flam's beliefs about the world they live in...



Adventure by James Mangold starring Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen... 2h34 - 2023

1969. Indiana Jones is about to bow out. After more than ten years teaching at Hunter College in New York, the esteemed professor of archaeology is about to retire and live out his days in peace in his modest flat, where he now lives alone. Everything changes after a surprise visit from his goddaughter Helena Shaw, who is looking for a rare artefact that her father entrusted to Indy years ago: the famous Archimedes Dial, a device with the power to locate cracks in time. An accomplished con artist, Helena steals the object and leaves the country in a hurry to sell it to the highest bidder. Indy has no choice but to go after her. Meanwhile, former Nazi Jürgen Voller - an old enemy of Indiana Jones who now works as a physicist in the US space programme - also has his eye on the dial. And his dastardly scheme could change the course of world history forever...


RESERVATION REQUIRED for your seat and your board.

Adult admission €12 with a drink

Child admission €8 with a drink


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