05/29, 2023

The Aureto vineyard supports the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation

Supporting a local foundation is important to the Aureto vineyard

Since 2008, the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation, in partnership with the MIRA Foundation (Canada), is the first guide dog training school in Europe. guide dog training school in Europe, which caters exclusively for blind blind and partially-sighted children aged between 12 and 18. Recognised of public utility in 2014, accredited by the Federation of Guide Dogs for the Blind (IGDF), accredited by and affiliated to the French Federation of Guide Dog Associations. It children to grow up, develop, become independent and move closer to a normal life. to a normal life.

Many costs are incurred to obtain a dog suitable for accompanying a child: the no less than €25,000. Many factors come into play into account: a dog of a certain breed (Labernois, a cross between a Labrador and a Bernese Mountain Dog), finding a a suitable host family, on-site training every day in L'Isle sur Sorgue l'Isle sur Sorgue, the food, the care given to the animal... Very few families could afford, either financially or for lack of time, to dedicate themselves to this task, to dedicate themselves to this task.

The vineyard has developed a rosé wine cuvée - Young Artist - which has been
with a label designed by children for children. The children are
children from a German school - The Weekend School - who came up with the entire
the design of the label affixed to this cuvée. Children from
disadvantaged backgrounds, discovering themselves through art and other
activities offered by the school.

Half of the of the money raised for the purchase of this rosé cuvée Aureto - Young
Artist - 100% grenache, are donated to the Fondation Frédéric Gaillanne to help them in their quest and to continue training new dogs. Many children will find the way to affirmation and, why not? why not become new young artists in their own right?

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